Kenya Christian Voice: Our Achievements

Handing out leaflets about the UNFPA in Nairobi, November 2019

Handing out leaflets about the UNFPA in Nairobi, November 2019

In June 2019 we investigated and revealed Western funding of local NGOs promoting abortion and sodomy in Kenya.

In November 2019 we stood against the UNFPA when they held a summit at KICC, trying to advance Satan’s strongholds of abortion, sodomy, CSE and SRHR . We handed out 20,000 leaflets to delegates, many of whom came from abroad, and challenged the spiritual forces behind UNFPA with prayer and action.

In November 2019 we also addressed a major life conference speaking against SRHR and Western funding of local pro-immorality NGOs.

2021 and 2022

Our Chainram, Apostle Odongo, and a committee member at the offices of IPPF in Nairobi

Our Chainram, Apostle Odongo, and a committee member at the offices of IPPF in Nairobi

Through 2021 and 2022 we have prayed against forcing the untested Covid vaccines on Kenyan citizens. We have been proved right as evidence increases about their dangers.

In August 2021, we prayed at the Kenya Parliament Building in Nairobi, praying for MPs and for God to grant them wisdom, humility, ability and revelation.

Also in August 2021, we stormed the Nairobi offices of IPPF with prayers. Not only that, but their local staff asked us to come in and share about Jesus Christ and how abortion always kills an innocent human baby.

Early in 2022 we led a prayer walk and outreach to a secret homosexual bar and contact centre in Nairobi.

In July 2022 we prayed into the Kenya Presidential Elections for righteousness to prevail and against any designs to ‘finish Christianity’ and promote abortion and sodomy in Kenya. Our prayers were answered.

Also in 2022 we started a KeCV WhatsApp group and kept posting articles on our website, www.kecv.org. Our website and WhatsApp group reported on homosexual Kenyans bringing shame on our flag by carrying it in the London ‘Gay Pride’ parade. Kenyans were outraged!

Marie Stopes Malindi

Marie Stopes Malindi

In September 2022 we applied to be enjoined in the Malindi abortion case against abuses carried out at Marie Stopes abortion clinic.

In 2023 we plan to:

Stand up for Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of Kenya,

Proclaim the righteousness of the laws of God given to nations and all people.
Hold a conference to educate Kenyans in Biblical principles and empower them to explain God’s ways to pastors, teachers, elders, chiefs and politicians right up to the top so as to secure blessing and bring peace on Kenya and Kenyans,

Conduct prayer walks to the offices of pro-sodomy NGOs in Nairobi,

Lay a report on how Western money is corrupting Kenyan youth before Members of Parliament,
Show the need for an Foreign Influence Registration Act to ensure transparency in NGO funding.

We can do this and more with your prayers and your financial support. When you partner with us you bring Kenya a blessing. Furthermore, your giving secures a blessing for you. The Apostle Paul told the Philippians he wanted them to give to his ministry so that fruit would abound to their account. It’s the same principle today.

CSE: Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Promoting immorality and corrupting children in Kenya and across Africa.
IPPF: International Planned Parenthood Federation. Based in USA. One of the world’s two biggest abortion providers (the other is Marie Stopes International or MSI.)
KICC: Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi.
NGO: Non-Governmenntal Organisation. Every single one of these promoting immorality and Western-evils such as CSE, sodomy and abortion in Kenya and indeed across Africa relies solely on money from Western governments and foundations. Not one is locally-funded.
SRHR: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – activist code for both legalising sodomy and abortion and promoting these Western evils to schoolchildren.
UNFPA: United Nations Fund for Population Activities – pro-abortion, pro-CSE, pro-sodomy.

We appreciate your support – without it we can’t do our research and help inform your prayers.

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