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Abortion: the UK’s Cultural Imperialism


Abortion: Cultural imperialism was imposed by force In the past but the West now uses aid programmes and funds local NGOs which are merely foreign agents.

Make Foreign Funding Transparent!

The West is under judgment but still exporting its evils. London Gay Pride July 2022.

Kenya Christian Voice is calling for a transparency law to make Kenyan NGOs declare their foreign funding.

Do Kenyans want Gay Pride?

Gay Kenyan with flag in London Gay Pride 2022

Raila Odinga will ‘finish’ Christianity in Kenya. His VP, Martha Karua, would legalise abortion and sodomy. How long before Gay Pride copmes to Nairobi?

Kenya Decides 2022

Next month’s elections in Kenya have become a spiritual battleground between life and death. One presidential election pairing is all set to legalise abortion and LGBT. The other stands for Jesus.

Kenya Christian Voice Team Storms the offices of International Planned Parenthood in Nairobi with Prayers.

Praying near the Kenyan Parliament in Nairobi

On 31st August 2021, Kenya Christian Voice led by Apostle Zakaria Odongo staged a prayer walk in Nairobi first at the Parliament buildings than at IPPF offices.

Abortion, Sodomy and CSE NGO Strong Holds in Kenya.

Marie Stopes Malindi

Active Local Kenyan Non-Governmental Agencies who receive Foreign Funding to promote Abortion, Sodomy & CSE in Kenya.