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Nigerian media condemn homosexuality

We are so used to sodomy that it might come as a culture shock to realise there are jurisdictions in the world where homosexual activity is against the law.


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The Kenya Supreme Court has allowed the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission to register as a non-governmental organisation. Kenyans are outraged.

Children Forced to Commit Immoral Acts

Two children of the Itumbe Daughters of Kenya (DOK) primary school in Nyamache, Kenya, were forced to commit immoral acts. They were seen in a disturbing video that went viral on social media. In the clip, teachers allegedly compelled the young boys in school uniforms to lay on each other as they laughed out loud …

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Acronyms Attack Africa

Sexual rights activists in the United Nations and NGO’s are using UN departments and international treaties to corrupt youth in the developing world.

Kenya Decides 2022

Next month’s elections in Kenya have become a spiritual battleground between life and death. One presidential election pairing is all set to legalise abortion and LGBT. The other stands for Jesus.

Abortion, Sodomy and CSE NGO Strong Holds in Kenya.

Marie Stopes Malindi

Active Local Kenyan Non-Governmental Agencies who receive Foreign Funding to promote Abortion, Sodomy & CSE in Kenya.