Category: Homosexuality

Ghana’s parliament passes anti “LGBTQ” law

Ghana’s parliament has passed a new bill that imposes a prison sentence of up to three years for anyone convicted of identifying as “LGBTQ+”.

Controversy over “LGBT” agenda in Nigeria

Controversy grips Nigeria following the release of the series “18Reggie” amid allegations of promoting “LGBTQ+” in the country.

Nigerian media condemn homosexuality

We are so used to sodomy that it might come as a culture shock to realise there are jurisdictions in the world where homosexual activity is against the law.

Uganda enacts anti-sodomy law

New May 2023 law in Uganda bans aggravated homosexuality and gay propaganda, putting foreign agent NGOs out of business and drawing condemnation from the West!

Sri Lanka may legalise unnatural acts

Premanath C. Dolawatte

Gay rights activists and foreign governments want Sri Lanka to legalise sodomy, a practise alien to family, culture, decency and the eternal laws of God.

Make Foreign Funding Transparent!

The West is under judgment but still exporting its evils. London Gay Pride July 2022.

Kenya Christian Voice is calling for a transparency law to make Kenyan NGOs declare their foreign funding.