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What are the Yogyakarta Principles?

Yogyakarta Principles

What are the Yogakarta Principles doing the heavy lifting in the world pro-sodomy campaign? Who wrote them? Do they have any legal force in international law?

US excludes Africans from trade programme

African countries were shut out of the AGOA Forum in South Africa

US has banned a number of African countries from a trade forum because they are anti-sodomy. Uganda, Gabon, Niger and C.A.R. were not invited to the AGOA forum.

Plan International’s ‘Gender-queer’ Rwanda Comprehensive Sexuality Education book

Amahitamo Yanjye Front Cover

In Rwanda, a ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education Toolkit’ promoted homosexuality and transgenderism. It was written by Western-funded NGO: Plan International.

Kenya Christian Voice Press Release

Apostle Zacharia Odongo at Christian Voice Press Release

Kenya Christian Voice Press Release, Mama Ngina Drive, Mombasa, Kenya. Rev. Willis Omondi, Apostle Zacharia Odongo (Chairman, KeCV) and Bishop Obuola.


William Samoei Ruto has been inaugurated as Kenya’s fifth democratically elected president. Outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta handed power to William Ruto.

Reps Consider Bill Seeking To Ban Cross-Dressing In Nigeria And Jail Defaulters For Six Months

Crossdressers in Nigeria will risk being jailed for six months if a new bill to prohibit crossdressing is passed. Umar Muda, a member of the House of Representatives sponsored a bill to prohibit cross-dressing in Nigeria. The bill, read on the floor of the House on Tuesday, April 5th, 2022, seeks to ban cross-dressing with …

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